Patio Pal Brick Laying Guides, Covers 20 Square Feet, Black

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Patio Pal Brick Laying Guides, Covers 20 Square Feet, Black

“Patio Pal” Brick Laying Guides – Enables you to lay a beautiful brick pathway, patio and driveway quickly and easily. Assures alignment of brick or block rows. Blocks out any weed growth. Holes allow for complete drainage. 2 “Pals” side by side are ideal for walkways. Professional looking job every time. 10 “Pals” Per Package and covers approximately 20 Sq. Ft. Fits bricks approx. 3-7/8” x 8”.

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Lori says:

Faster Installation The other reviewers are correct – “standard bricks” are not all the same size. I used the recommended size brick for this template, and the trays worked quite well. The layout is faster, the spacing is very consistent for the sand gaps, and overall I think these enable a homeowner to install their own patio, without needing the professional grade equipment (tamping machine, etc).

Kodrana says:

Makes things easier, though not easy These definitely helped building a patio in my back yard, while the project was not easy having these little guys really did make things less complicated. You are still going to have to buy 2x4s, sand, bricks and mortar, but I expected that. My mother, daughter and I were able to build a solid patio that looks good, with no previous experience at all. Patio Pals help line up your bricks, everything else is up to you, including making sure you have the right bricks. I used one as a test and bought the rest based on that.

Sharine says:

Love this product As a working mom, I found this product to be easy to install and looked great. The guides enabled me to lay the bricks in and have perfect spacing, my neighbors were so impressed! And it didn’t even take that long to do. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to lay a brick patio with professional results.

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