Colorado Standard Poker Deck

Pinned on June 13, 2017 at 1:56 am by Steve Tipton

Colorado Standard Poker Deck

The Colorado Standard Playing Card Company ads another chapter to the story of playing cards with a uniquely western twist. Inspired by the great state of Colorado and the Havoc’s Children Saga, each Colorado Standard Poker Deck offers a new playing experience for beginners and cardsharps alike. Each Colorado Standard Poker Deck consists of 55 cards including sixteen Omen Cards, twelve royals (three of which double as Omen Cards), and three Drama Cards (jokers). The unique, beautifully illustrated Omen suit ads a dramatic change to a traditional deck of cards. With a Colorado Standard Poker Deck, you’ll be able to enjoy any classic card game you already know as well as hundreds of new variations. If that seems a might confusing, you are getting the picture. The Colorado Standard Poker Deck was designed to expand the potential of what a deck of cards can be.


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