#108: Science Says These Rooms Are A Waste Of Space

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#108: Science Says These Rooms Are A Waste Of Space

Welp, it’s official: new research shows that we aren’t using all of the square footage in our homes. But we sure are paying for it (and then paying to heat & cool it, decorate it, plus spending time cleaning it). Why are we doing that?! Well, this week we’re diving into a study that shows what specific spaces aren’t being used – and what we all might want to consider focusing on instead of house size – even if you love having people over and entertaining large groups. We’re also sharing a failed painting project that shines a light on some of the peculiar pitfalls of sharing your renovations with the world. Plus, as summer comes to an end, we’re taking you inside a months-long (and somewhat heated) disagreement that we’ve been having about the beach house.

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That’s Embarrassing

Does Anyone Use Formal Spaces Anymore?

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