#109: Just When You Thought The Diamond Door Saga Was Over

Pinned on August 28, 2018 at 3:00 am by Marisol Jackson

#109: Just When You Thought The Diamond Door Saga Was Over

We’ve been on a rollercoaster with those diamond paned doors that we hunted down for our duplex renovation. There was a pretty disappointing low followed by a surprising high, so we’re looping you into the whole thing this week. Also, how come some home improvement professionals seem to be playing hard-to-get sometimes? Unreturned phone calls, missed appointments, and straight-up ghosting seem to be all too common, so we asked a contractor why this happens and what people can do to get better service. Plus, we explore some weird new “smart” gadgets for your home, the trendy new place for paint, and John gets swindled by a sponsored post.

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